RAMC believes that career and technical education is a vital part of the education pipeline and that community colleges are in an ideal position to provide that education at a postsecondary level. We support further improvement of state and local career and technical education systems through the strengthening of key federal policies. Stronger career and technical education in community colleges will benefit communities across the nation and create a more skilled working class.

Perkins Career and Technical Education

RAMC advocates for the reauthorized Perkins Career and Technical Education Act in the following ways:

  • Ensure career pathway programs are included in a reauthorized Perkins. RAMC supports career pathway programs that align adult education, postsecondary education and training, and workforce development services to improve education and training outcomes for program participants. While RAMC does not endorse a specific program or approach, the concept of career pathways should be built into the reauthorization of Perkins.
  • Implement competition. RAMC supports shifting the current distribution of Perkins funds to a competitive program from the state to local levels, prioritizing high-quality projects.
  • Support local collaboration. RAMC supports local consortia of school districts and community colleges applying for funding, rather than having separate allocations for community colleges and school districts.
  • Support rural set-asides. RAMC supports a set-aside (in a local competitive grant process) for rural areas.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

RAMC supported passage of WIOA in 2014 and continues to be involved in efforts to implement the new law. Moving forward, RAMC will be particularly focused on working with states and local boards as well as the Department of Labor and the Department of Education on those areas of the law related to ensuring increased funds are available for training purposes, expanding pay-for-performance activities and reinvigorating local workforce boards.

Workforce Pell Grants

RAMC believes all Americans, especially low-income and unemployed workers, deserve access to affordable postsecondary training and credentialing opportunities that can have a significant positive impact on their future career and earnings potential. Workforce Pell Grants have been proven to help increase postsecondary enrollment opportunities and lead to higher wage gains and greater career opportunities. We urge the Biden Administration to work with Congress to include an expansion of Pell Grants to ensure more Americans can utilize these valuable funds to access short-term training and credentialing programs that can make a huge difference in their future success. Read more about why Workforce Pell is essential to boost our economy.