Now is a decisive moment for rebuilding the middle class and we need your voice. Together, we can ensure community colleges are at the center of efforts to build a stronger, more competitive workforce that serves the needs of students, businesses and communities.

By signing up your system or institution in RAMC, you are not only joining an organization, you are becoming part of a movement, one led by seasoned community college leaders who understand how policies set and decisions made in Washington can affect student success. You will have access to the following benefits:

  • Monthly All Member Calls and Triannual Board Meetings
    Monthly calls and triannual board meetings ensure RAMC members remain informed about the development of any important issues and serve as an opportunity for members to also raise other policy issues they have encountered. These calls and meetings also allow for members to be updated on the progress being made RAMC’s policy agenda. The board meetings are particularly substantive, as the discussions are spearheaded by community college system and school leaders who have more than two centuries of collective experience not only in running institutions, but in understanding and dealing with the intersection of public policy and student success.
  • Memoranda on Relevant Congressional Hearing Reports and Issue Briefs
    RAMC members will receive memoranda and timely communication on higher education-related congressional hearings, budget-related news, education regulations, and other relevant issues to ensure all RAMC members are up-to-date on relevant federal happenings.
  • Weekly Washington Wrap Up
    RAMC members receive a weekly “Washington Wrap Up” email, summarizing the previous week’s education-related events from the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the Administration, and previewing upcoming major activity. This wrap up also includes news headlines, congressional hearing and event schedules, grant notices, and congressional committee and floor activity.
    View recent Washington Wrap Ups here.

Membership Classes

RAMC has two membership classes:

Charter Members
Charter Members can be either 1) a community college system within the United States, or 2) a combination of community colleges, system offices, trustees or other affiliated organizations within a state that combine resources to pay annual membership dues.

Sustaining Members
Sustaining Members represent a qualified, accredited and operating community college, or its affiliates such as a System Office/State Associations or Trustees.

To learn more about joining RAMC, please complete the form on this page. If you are interested in exploring a charter membership, a member of the RAMC Board will reach out to you directly to schedule a phone conversation.

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