Our Impact

Affordability and Access

Members of Rebuilding America’s Middle Class are working to ensure that Americans are fully aware of the benefits and affordability of attending community college.


Rebuilding America’s Middle Class welcomes additional accountability coupled with an improved data system that captures the outcomes and success of community college students.

Two multi-ethnic young men in vocational school, taking a class on reparing diesel engines.  They are working on an engine that has had parts painted different colors for training purposes.  They are wearing safety glasses.
Career and Workforce

Rebuilding America’s Middle Class believes that community colleges are in an ideal position to provide career and technical education at the postsecondary level.

Group of college students in classroom
Additional Advocacy

Rebuilding America’s Middle Class supports a review of current programs authorized under the Higher Education Act to ensure they serve the needs of community colleges.


“Rebuilding America’s Middle’s Class is not only our name, it is our guiding principle. If community colleges can play our part in rebuilding America’s middle class, then many of the seemingly intractable problems we face in this country can and will be solved.”

Dr. Joe May, President, RAMC

About RAMC

RAMC includes some of the largest and most innovative community college campuses and systems in the United States. RAMC members are at the center of efforts to build a stronger, more competitive workforce.