New Scholarship Opportunities at Madison College

In May, our colleagues at Madison College announced the Scholars of Promise program. This program will benefit low-income students who want to attend college, but lack financial resources. High school students who qualify will receive help paying for college.

Eligible students must live in the 12-county MATC district, achieve a 2.23 grade point average and maintain an 80 percent attendance throughout their senior year.

Scholars in the program will receive guidance throughout the admissions, financial aid and class enrollment process.

“If students are committed to meeting the high expectations we have set forth, then we are committed to rewarding their efforts with the funds needed to cover the gap in tuition and fees that are not covered by federal or state aid,” said Dr. Keith Cornille, senior vice president of Student Development and Success.

You can learn more about Madison’s college Scholars of Promise program here:

Watch a press release about the program here: