Community College Leaders Applaud Bipartisan Action on Workforce Pell

Dr. Joe D. May, President of Rebuilding America’s Middle Class (RAMC), a coalition of community colleges, and chancellor of Dallas College, today issued the following statement on behalf of RAMC in support of a bipartisan amendment to the United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (S.1260) that would allow Pell Grants to be used for short-term postsecondary credential programs:

As our nation recovers from a crushing pandemic that has had a detrimental effect on our economy, we need to give workers every opportunity to rebuild their careers and grow their salaries. Quality short-term credential programs are immensely valuable; not only do they ensure employers have access to a pipeline of qualified talent, but they also provide a flexible, affordable pathway for students of all backgrounds to pursue in-demand career opportunities.

Make no mistake: every short-term credential is not created equal, and we firmly believe federal investments should be dedicated to the programs that lead to job placements and higher wages. We fully support language in the amendment that requires programs to demonstrate earnings growth in order to qualify for federal funding, and we embrace the strong oversight and disclosure requirements designed to help assure program quality and relevance.

Every American, and especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who have had their livelihoods impacted by the pandemic, deserves the opportunity to move forward in their career, to increase their value to the workforce, and to build a better life for their families. Workforce Pell works – and we urge leaders in the House and Senate to swiftly advance this proposal to the president’s desk.

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