Lone Star College Recognized for Engaging Students in Election Process

HOUSTON (April 20, 2017) – TurboVote, a project of Democracy Works, has commended Lone Star College for its efforts to encourage students to participate in the election process.

TurboVote is an application that makes it easier to register to vote, request absentee ballots and sign up for voter information. Lone Star College engaged more than 4,000 students in the 2016 election process.

“Lone Star College’s voter engagement efforts in 2016 are an incredible reflection of these ideals,” said Mike Ward, TurboVote program director. “Lone Star College connected more than 4,000 students with the TurboVote technology in advance of this past election.”

Last year, the Lone Star College Center for Civic Engagement launched the Engage the Election initiative to encourage students, faculty and staff to take part in the 2016 election with candidate forums and voter registration drives to involve citizens. Part of this program included partnering with Democracy Works and introducing TurboVote as a way for the LSC community to receive important Election Day information. Democracy Works was formed to bring awareness of the internet to the process of democracy.

“We are very pleased that so many took advantage of this service,” said Stephen C. Head, Ph.D., LSC chancellor. “Lone Star College continues to build strong partnerships with many organizations to promote community and student success.”

“The LSC Center for Civic Engagement works to better the quality of life in the community through political and nonpolitical processes,” said Dr. John J. Theis, director, LSC Center for Civic Engagement. “Grit, self-control, social intelligence and gratitude are some of the executive skills taught for students to use well after finishing school.”

“Through creative and highly effective outreach, the team at Lone Star College helped approximately 5 percent of its students register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and/or sign up for reminders about upcoming elections,” said Ward.

LSC engaged more than 4,000 students with TurboVote, placing it fifth among the 176 college university partners nationwide.

“On behalf of the entire Democracy Works team, I want to congratulate you on your impressive accomplishments,” said Ward.

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