Dear Senators Hatch, Warren, Cassidy and Whitehouse:

On behalf of Rebuilding America’s Middle Class (RAMC), a coalition of State and individual community college systems from across the nation representing nearly 100 colleges and 1.5 million students, I am writing in support of the College Transparency Act of 2017.

RAMC members believe that accurate information in areas such as enrollment, retention, completion and post-collegiate outcomes should be available to students, parents and the public. Currently, outcomes data collected and reported by the Federal government simply does not capture a large percentage of students attending community colleges, such as those who are not first-time, full-time, as well as students who transfer to other post-secondary institutions.

Your legislation takes important steps towards addressing these shortcomings and would ease the process of reporting data for institutions. One critical aspect of your legislation is the repeal of the current ban on a Federal student data system. Although much would have to be done to put safeguards in place to protect student information, we believe that your bill includes the necessary provisions to ensure the privacy and security of such information.

As leaders of some of our country’s largest community colleges and community college systems, RAMC members support the College Transparency Act of 2017 and stand ready to work with you to ensure that parents, students and the public have access to this critical information. Thank you for your leadership on behalf of our nation’s college students.